Our services


Our production includes various types of products including: Traditional Bread, Sourdough Bread and Special Breads made with specific flours, concerning the various intolerances and allergies that have developed in recent years.


Our bakery is divided into two parts, one part producing dry baked products such as: biscuits, cakes and tarts; and the other part producing soughdough based Italian cakes such as: bisciole, colombe, panettoni, veneziane and panfrutti.

Catering Services

Production of: savoury pastries, with sesame, soft rolls made with milk or butter, which you can fill at will with either savoury or sweet fillings. Also: butter pizzas with toppings, filled puff pastries, pizzas, focacce, genovesi, greek bread topped as desired, in various sizes allowing you to slice them at your leisure.
Delivery of bread, pizza bases, tailor-made products made according to demands.

Customized Cakes

Our great expertise allows us to satisfy all tastes. Tell us your ideal recipe or your flavors combination and our skillful bakers will prepare your favorite tailored cake.